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Conservation of Momentum Problem? Physics help?

A 2110 kg car traveling to the west at 21.2m/s slows down uniformly under a force of 

8260 N to the east.

a) How much force would be required to

cause the same acceleration on a car of mass

3250 kg?

Answer in units of N.

b) How far would the car move before stopping?

Answer in units of m.

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    Nothing to do with conservation of momentum. Maybe conservation of energy on part b, but you could instead use kinematics.

    a) For the same acceleration, the ratio of force to mass is the same:

    F / 3250kg = 8260N / 2110kg → F = 12,723 N (east)

    b) By conservation of energy,

    ½mv² = Fd

    ½*2110kg*(21.2m/s)² = 8260N * d → d = 57.4 m

    By kinematics,

    v² = u² + 2ad

    substitute a = -F/m and get

    0² = 21.2² - 2*(8260/2110)*d

    with the same result.

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