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Need help with Conservation of Momentum Physics Problem?

A 0.18 kg baseball moving at +27 m/s is slowed to a stop by a catcher who exerts a 

constant force of −370 N.

a) How long does it take this force to stop

the ball?

Answer in units of s.

b) How far does the ball travel before stopping? 

Answer in units of m

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    a) impulse = F*Δt = m*Δv

    -370N * Δt = 0.18kg * -27m/s → Δt = 0.013 s

    b) Lots of ways to proceed. How about

    change in KE = work done

    -½ * 0.18kg * (27m/s)² = -370N * d → d = 0.18 m

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