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what do i do?

My mom is too lazy and I do EVERYTHING for her even open doors for her, put away her dishes when she finish eating, I do EVERY LITTLE THING that she can EASILY do on her own, but she keeps finding excuses to tell me how useless and unneeded I am and she stresses me out saying she's gonna make me move to my grandmas. I love my mom but cmon bro

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    you might be better off at your grandmas

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    What your Mom is doing is abusive, or if you want to call it being bully, either way, they way she is treating you is NOT acceptable under ANY circumstance! You have done nothing to warrant her poor treatment of you, and she knows it! If she were to talk to a boss that way she would be fired, if she were to talk to a guy on the street that way she'd get her *** knocked out, if she spoke to a friend that way she would lose that friendship etc. 

    Basically what your Mom is doing is projecting her own feellings about herself onto you! When she says "your useless", it means she sees herself in that light, when she says you are un-needed, it means she feels she has no purpose in life. Often times people with self-hatred issues, will project them onto others, its easier to do that, than to look in the mirror!

    What do you do? You need to calmly shut her down when she starts going into her abusive tirades! What you say is "what you are doing is abusive and I will not tolerate it, calling me _______ will not solve anything!" You are firmly calling out her behaviour and not giving her a say in the matter, it always works, trust me on this! 

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