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if you found out that someone you kind of know is a "Freemason"...what might you think of them then and why?



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    "Um, ok." would be my response.  There's nothing wrong with the Masons, though I wouldn't join them myself.  They're just a club that has some goofy secrets, many of which Joseph Smith poached for LDS ceremonies.  They even do a lot of charitable work: the Shriners are a division of the Masons, and they offer helpful services like speech therapy free of charge to those who need it.  My daughter benefited from that, and if you're wondering they never tried to convert us or anything like that.

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    They are people neighbors relatives and friends. I just as a Christian can not accept the equal acceptance of all gods as the same when Jesus Christ is the name above all names. Acts 4:12 I hope to see my grandpop mom and uncle in heaven. As a Christian you are taught to forgive people and respect the governing authority. Jesus Christ is Lord

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    I've known a couple of Masons during my lifetime. One was my department foreman 50+

     years ago who was also an active Shriner who dedicated much of his life to this group. On the job site, he had connections with upper management thru the Shriners and was one of the biggest thieves within the company. He was also the most unethical supervisor I've ever worked for and overtime and promotional opportunities were only available to those who performed personal off the clock favors for him. Because of him, I've always had negative feelings in regard to them with the exception of one other, a business competitor who was very friendly and a clean and honest competitor.

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    That actually happened.  If anything, I respected him more.  People invited to join the Masons are generally the "betters" in the community.  As they are expected to support charitable things, having some wealth, and/or power is useful.  While they do have secret rites (most of which you can find out about on the Internet!), they do excellent things in the community, and I have no reason to think anything bad about them at all.

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    It can help with business contacts. It's as simple as that.

    My father was a mason. I can guarantee no one thought that there was anything odd about that.

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    2 months ago

    Nothing it is Just a Big Boys club

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    My brother is a mason, there is nothing sinister about them and they raise millions of pounds each year for charity.

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    2 months ago

    It's not that mysterious at all... 

    They make concrete jungle's....

    Wow Whoopie.... 

    They're also a dying breed... so it is a mystery what happens when they're gone...

    Obviously no one's really learnt much...

    How could that be such a huge mysterious secret?....

    What does Trump's family do again?......

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    I have know some and for most it’s just a sort of club. It’s only when you progress to a certain level that it gets very very sinister. Most members will never be allowed to progress that far.

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