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so if the Vote counting machines are flipping votes,,,then how come the hand recount in GA came out to be matching to the machine?

i have heard them make a logical argument on that...but i could not understand them. why?

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    If it flipped an equal number in each direction (meaning it flipped the same number from Democrat to Republican as it flipped from Republican to Democrat), then it wouldn't affect the total.  And before you ask what the point of the flipping would be, there's some evidence of a foreign government being more interested in making Americans not trust the process than in affecting the outcome of the election.

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    There is not a shred of evidence that there was any problem with the machines or any cheating of any kind what so ever. Just because Trump claims fraud doesn't mean there was. Don't believe me, even Attorney General Bill Barr said so! All he is doing is continuing to show the world that he is a bad tempered child, that he has absolutely no honor or integrity, and is hurting his chances to be re-elected in 2024. If I were him, I would knock off this stupid, childish behavious and concede the election to Biden.

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    Because it is not a logical argument in the sense that it relies on assumptions that are contrary to fact.  

    You can structure an argument based on a false premise in which the conclusion flows from the premise, but the argument is still flawed as it is based on a false premise.

    We need to be honest in discussing the hand audit in Georgia.  There were some differences from the machine count.  That is expected because the machine count only counts what the machine is programmed to read.  In a hand audit, the counters are trying to determine what the vote was on a ballot.  Because humans are lousy at following instructions, ballots contain all types of markings that a machine will not pick up.  If you want to look through past stories, the Star-Tribune in Minnesota published copies of some ballots during the 2008 Senate recount, and there were some very weird things done to ballots.  But, the net swing in the audit was only around 500 votes which is similar to the swing in the 2008 Minnesota Senate recount.  If this were a tight race, a judge sitting on an election contest might have questions about some of those swings, but my hunch is that some overvotes (two candidates marked on the ballot) and undervotes (no candidate marked on the ballot) became valid votes when the election officials looked for voter intent and some valid votes flipped (or become overvotes or undervotes) when the election officials looked for voter intent.

    But the changes in county results went both directions -- Biden gaining in some counties and Trump gaining in others -- and the direction did not depend on the machine or software used in a particular county.  That fact makes it difficult to create a simple conspiracy theory.  Of course, it is possible to tell a more complex conspiracy theory.  But a complex conspiracy theory violates Occam's Razor (the rule that you should go with the simplest explanation) as the simplest explanation is that vote counting machines actually got it mostly right and are not flipping votes.

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    There's no evidence that the Dominion machines had any issue.  They are tested and verified by 3rd party vendors as part of their certification process with the govt.  The couple of incidents with software glitches concerned user error and involved software that updated unofficial counts.

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    Oooh, you should know better that to ask these last, desperate clinger-ons to come up with a logical argument. Most of them would spontaneously combust just trying.

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