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Dating a guy who had a picture posted of him and his ex, should I worry? ?

I've dated this guy a month, we have been intimate. I asked why haven't you added me to Facebook and he said he just doesn't like it. He friended me and I saw a picture around Halloween prior to meeting him. Him and his daughters mom, they were never officially together just friends with benefits. That was 5 years ago. Yet in the picture they have there heads rested on each other with the 5 yr old. Should I worry? I asked him and he said he's daughter wanted the picture and he is not with her.

I'm highly suspicious now. Also other women he's dated have had an issue with her.

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    2 months ago

    You have been dating a MONTH. It seems he has a good co-parenting relationship with the mother of his child. That should be commended, not something that's treated with suspicion.

    The other women were probably just like you: Way too suspicious and quick to rush to conclusions. If I were the mother I'd have issues with you as well.

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