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help picking night vision binoculars?

Im trying to buy my boyfriend night vision binoculars and im stuck between 2 that I found.(linked below). He mostly hunts hogs at his ranch, sometimes coyotes if theyre around. He's saving up for a thermal in the future and night vision binoculars are the best I could do right now. I dont know much about night vision stuff but I saw the main differences between these 2 were the range, IR levels, and the zoom settings. Please help! see up to 300 m-3x magnification, 4x digital zoom

-7 gears infrared adjustment

-see up to 400m

-7x optical zoom, 2x digital zoom

-5 IR levels

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    Hunting is dangerous. Do not get him that. Good gifts are: iPhone 12 Pro Max, PS5, and other current electronics and smart home devices. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If he wants to shoot hogs or coyots he'll be happier with a rifle scope than with binoculars.  Granted it's awkward scanning a treeline looking over a rifle breech, but that's no worse than having night glasses to locate them comfortably and then not being able to find what you were looking at through your sights.

    Of course, low-light scopes are generally expensive.  You want a lighted reticle or a laser dot, and you want the biggest objective lens you can afford.  Nightforce makes good ones, but they are around 2000 bucks.  I've attached a very inexpensive alternative that reviews say works pretty darn well, with an objective lens that's about 2/3 the size of the Nightforce.

    Good luck.

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