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Theists: Does your god hate atheists?

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    No He hates all unrighteousness. do yourself a favor and Read Ezekiel Chapter 18. God loves us all he wants all to Repent and obey the gospel 2 Peter 3:9. Thanks for the question.

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    Actually very little is written about atheists or atheism in the Bible. The bible deals with truths and the spiritual realm but very little is spent on trying to win the skeptics over or convince non-believers. Actually the Bible is Jewish and only adresses and is speaking to the Chosen People - i.e. Jews. Does God speak to 'atheists'? Well rarely in the bible or on occasion. For example you could decribe Pharoah and Laben as atheists loosely if you consider the defination of atheism to mean rejection of any gods or God. Yet on a couple of occasions God did speak or warn disbelievers not to harm the rigtheous. 

    Abraham's wife Sarah was taken from him and God blocked up all orifices so that his waste or urine/semen could be expelled from his body. Then God came to him in a dream. Similarly on Laben's way to kill Jacob God appeared in a dream not to harm him or speak "evil or good" since his intentions were wicked and even the charity of a wicked person is really bad for a rigtheous person e.g. offering a ham sandwich to a Jew dying of starvation. This is one of the interpretations of Rashi on the Torah/Talmud. 

    When God punished Pharoah it wasn't because he was a non-believer but because he refused to heed His Voice through Moses and tested God 10 times! After which his army was drowned at the sea of Reeds along with 10 plagues which preceeded it. God was happy to 'let the Egyptians be' and continue practicing their idol worship although God HATES idol worship and HATES those who are wicked and rebell against Him. But God allows free will. There comes a time however when God's patience runs out and says so to speak "This is MY WORLD" but you do not acklowedge Me, your father who created you, you do evil instead of I will put a stop to it! The rigtheous will possess the earth!". There comes a time when God will curse the non-believers and show them that nothing belongs to them and they can achieve nothing without Him. He will "cut-them off from the earth". He will create diseases, bankrupt the economy e.g. the Nile of Egypt which created famine while those who trust in God will become victorious. 

    God is mostly concerned about action moreso than belief. Action proves ones beliefs in his or her heart. Anyone can say "I believe" but do they really mean it? For the moment God is hidden and so it isn't anyone's fault if they don't believe in God or struggle to believe in Him. That doesn't mean God has disappeared completely! God still does miracles and answers prayer. God's level of hate depends upon the person's indifference to Him i.e. like a man's shadow - cause and effect. God's level of hatred increases when people become more evil and corrupt and cease to do good and search for Him. 

    A quick story about myself briefly: I was trying to spread the Noahide Laws the other day and I came across an atheist. I told him just follow these 7 commandments and you will be rewarded, in order to recieve reward however, you have to do them in order to serve God and obey Him. This isn't a religion just actions. You don't have to do anything else THIS IS THE BARE MINIMUM! 

    What did he tell me? I don't believe in God. I can do them anyway as an atheist and be a good person. But I can't believe in God. Not even to do these 7 commandments. 

    I said: There are many atheist Jews who still put in a coin towards charity and say "that is my good deed for today" and say "God if you are there I'm doing this one mitzvah for you!". But he refused even to do that! He just refused even to consider the possibility. No matter how I tried to sell it to him the answer was the same "no. no. no". I can't believe in God. I don't want too. Shaking his head while similing. It reminded me homosexuals who say "I'm gay and that's the way I was born and I don't want to stop doing what I'm doing because...I'm gay". Many homosexuals cannot seperate their identity from their lifestyle. For many it is something they don't want to control and is one and the same. Totally unrepentent and stubborn. To be fair though many religious people are like this. "I'm a Christian and I'll die a Christian and nothing you say is going to change me". 

    Only God knows people's hearts. But I believe these kinds of people who "don't care" what God teaches and willing to change themselves do not deserve the afterlife. If they say they are animals and cannot control their urges or at least do something else to show they acknowledge God in one single way, why should these evil people in the context of sin be rewarded at all? If they live like animals let them die like animals. Simple. Animals don't have an afterlife either! 

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    Not that I am aware of.  The God that informs my beliefs is the God of everyone and thing, and doesn't care whether we believe in Him or not.  The "ocean" doesn't need the fish to be aware of the "water in which they swim", to be the 'sea'.  God made our world expressed as "variety" and "diversity", which is suitable for the capacity 'to choose'.  Freewill would imply that choosing God is as much as an option as choosing, "not-God", along with everything in between. 

    Fundamentally, I have no problem with atheism.  I don't have to agree with atheism to be able to understand how others might conclude it as their belief.  I don't believe all atheists go to hell, or that all theists will see heaven.  I've had many atheist friends, and some who just aren't so sure either way.  I, typically, find them to be very thoughtful and respectful of my beliefs, as I am to theirs.  

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    Why would God hate Atheists?? Atheists do not annoy God will all their prayers.

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    That is why GOD call them all to belief in the one true GOD, the Lord of all the worlds, then those atheists can deliverance  themselves from being snare and deceive by satan to become hell dwellers. Since GOD love all mankind, then call them all to become heaven dwellers, while satan calling them to be in tormented hell fire, by becoming atheists. So GOD is full of Beneficent and the most Merciful to all HIS creations, especially human being.

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    God hates certain individuals 

    Jacob I have loved, Esau I hated. -Romans 9:13 

    God hates unbelievers and wants his elect to be saved (Romans 5:8) 

    Doug is a liar, fireball is a liar, and most “Christians” reject Calvinism which is biblical and should listen to David platt, John MacArthur, and other biblical teachers more. 

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    Cernunnos takes no offense at your unbelief, and neither does the Morrigan.

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