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What is the Temperature Blood is Stored in Blood Bank ?  ?


What is the Temperature they maintain before Transfusion? In which method they bring it to Normal Temperature?

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    Regular refrigeration temperature at about 2-6 degrees C. The red blood cells and thawed plasma are put in there. The refrigerators are monitored with alarms to secure and maintain the proper temperature.

    The blood is taken from the refrigerator to the room to be used by the patient. The unit usually is started within a half hour of taking out of the refrigerator. Once it reaches 10 degrees C then it can no longer be returned to the blood bank but used or discarded. 

    Normally blood is not raised to normal temperature to infuse. There are exceptions in which patients who have cold antibodies where a mechanical blood warmer with tubing that is used to warm the blood before it reaches the patient. These are rare exceptions. The other rare exception is where many units are being transfused at once in trauma situations in which case the nurses or doctors might cautiously run warm water if the concern is great enough although not routinely advised. If one uses too much heat then the blood can get destroyed and one ends up with a transfusion reaction that one doesn't want. 

    Normally the blood is left at room temperature when infusing and one has 4 hours to infuse the blood. Any longer than that then it must be thrown away. The chance for bacterial contamination and growth is not worth the risk. 

    Platelets are stored at room temperature in an agitator to keep them from sticking together. 

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