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Please recommend a good eyeslash separator/eyelash comb?

Sometimes when I apply mascara my eyelashes get stuck together in groups. Uggghh its horrible :(. Please recommend something which I can completely separate my eyelashes with. Thanks😄

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    There are several options available. You can get packages  little mascara brushes wherever makeup tools are sold. A couple brushes with a dry brush separates the lashes. You can also get a tool that has bristles on one side and a comb on the other. Like this: These help seperate the lashes. Never ever use anythingb sharp near your eyes like  toothpick, pin or sewing needle to separate the lashes even if you see YouTube self proclaimed "experts" do this. It's very dangerous and one slip can be catastrophic.

    Technique is also important: let the lashes dry between coats of mascara. Putting wet layer over wet layer does nothing except make lashes stick together and drip. Mascara is supped to set and dry and not stay wet. A bit of softness or stickiness is okay but dripping wet is not okay.  If your mascara stays wet then get a nicer mascara or use soft brush to apply a bit of powder to set the mascara. 

    Any more than two or three coats will automatically start to clump. You don't need more than two. There.comes a point of diminishing returns, some mascara looks good, a bit more looks wow but any more looks like too much Mascara. Lastly, be sure there's no old mascara on the lashes from the previous day. Clean off all make up at bedtime including mascara. A build up of old mascara can look thick and clumpy and no brush can undo the build up, only a thorough cleaning.

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