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Calling an exterminator without telling my dad - should I just do it? Is it possible?

I'm 26 years old and still living with my parents. We have a mice problem, and my parents aren't taking any action whatsoever. I was the one who bought traps, peppermint oil, an ultrasonic radio wave thing, etc - my parents bought nothing. My dad believes that "rats aren't a big deal" because "they don't bite". He even saw a hole but won't clog it up. When I tried talking to him about exterminators, he says no because 1. the mice will come back again anyways, or 2. they'll put chemicals in the house that will be dangerous to us (then just tell them not to?).

My mom doesn't want to do anything. She says she is scared of mice, but doesn't want to get an exterminator because of my dad (even though she owns the house too). She's the one who has been seeing them though. And she's seeing them both in the day and at night, which may mean we have a worse problem at hand...

I'm just so sick of this. I just got a new job and I'm saving up enough money with plans to move out in February or March. But I've already gotten physically sick two weeks ago (I exercised in a room that had rat poo in it (didn't know it was rat poo at the time), started to have terrible stomach pains) and last year (I had a terrible cold that wouldn't go away for 1 1/2 months - only felt better when I was out the house).

I just don't care anymore and I'm going to call an exterminator to get here ASAP. But do I need to be the house owner? Can they just survey outside to see where the rats might be coming in?


I plan on moving out in 3 months (February). I can't move out now because I do not have enough money saved up.

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  • Carmen
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    Hello concerned one is there a friend or another relative you could stay with for those few months who might be willing to help you? It shouldn't matter who calls the exterminator the problem will be who will pay for the services. Usually a wise person who sees possible danger signs or something that might be a problem period such as a mice- rat issue would try to protect themselves their he and those closest to them. Not sure what your parents are waiting for to address this issue to get sick or be bitten. That's not showing any natural affection or being responsible is it a money issue?  Pray something positive happens on your end to protect yourself even if they don't feel they are in harm's way. No one should have to live like this unless they want to. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Either someone else has this exact same problem OR you've posted this before.  If rat "poo" were making ME sick I would be out of the house.  You don't need saved up money.  Rent a room in a house.  Go to a homeless shelter.  No, you cannot order services at someone else's property.  You really think an exterminator is going to come to the property, let you know how the rats are getting in, bump elbows with you and leave without doing anything about the property?  If your plan is for the exterminator not to use poison, what do you think the exterminator is going to do?  Traps? Maybe.  Hit them on the head with tiny baseball bats?  Probably not.  I will not allow an exterminator in my house because of the chemicals.  HOWEVER, I plug up holes (if there ever are any). I don't rely on Mommy and Daddy to do everything.   You see a hole that mice and rats use to enter the house?  PLUG IT WITH STEEL WOOL.

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    maybe you should move out and let them deal with it

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