Should I talk to this guy again or keep ignoring him?

We met on a gay dating site like 3 years ago and he initiated the entire interaction.  He's nothing I would have ever sought out, physically or personality wise.  He's not a bad guy at all, just very boring.  And we have never met, just texted for about a year and a half. 

But  that's why I stopped responding to his texts because it was the same thing every day and even after me ignoring him for months, he kept texting every couple days and while I don't think it was maliciously obsessive because I would definitely say it was genuine friendliness and/or desperation and not creepy at all, it just comes across like he didn't get the message of me not talking to him for the past probably 15 months now.  He messaged me again a couple days ago and it was a very nice message concerning a post I had made on the dating site about my cat being sick.  And reading it made me rethink about how nice he is even though he is boring.  It's not like I'm having any luck finding a man and maybe my standards are too high and I should give him a chance since he seems to really like me.  So should I talk to him again or would it be mean to start talking to him again, realize how uninterested I am in him and then repeat the ignoring process again?

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