why is my computer monitor lightly flickering?

i have a windows 7 desktop computer which i bought sometime in 2015, i have a gnr computer monitor 22 inch, which is quite a few years old.....earlier i unplugged my computer to give it a dust out/ clean out, give the internal part of the computer tower a dust out....then when i plugged everything back in, including my monitor....i started up my computer....and have since noticed that my computer monitor screen is lightly flickering...only very lightly in parts of the screen....i cleaned out my computer tower with a can of compressed air....which i have done before, a while back.

this light flickering on the computer screen is annoying me/winding me up, but also concerning me as i'm wondering why its happening all of a sudden?

i don't have any money for a new monitor right now either, so what do i do? any advice would be helpful to me.

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  • 2 months ago
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    Since you don't have money to fix the monitor, you live with it until you do.  The backlight power supply or the lighting itself is beginning to fail.  

  • Damien
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    2 months ago

    meh its a capacitor gone bad or the bulb is in its last stages, so u have to buy a new monitor, and how poor are u if u cant pay 100 bucks for a monitor

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