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why are belly buttons not a hole to a persons inside?

yes, the public school system has failed me. if the umbilical cord feeds a fetus until they’re born and it’s cut when it’s born, how is the belly button closed up? 

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    They tie in a knot you dingbat.

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    2 weeks ago

    How does any "wound" close up.

    If you cut yourself  - doesn't your skin reform and grow back together.

    When a doctor does a surgery, the skin grows back together to seal the opening.

    The umbilical cord is an opening that can close up and seal-off once the cord is cut and the scab formed by the cord falls off.  The process would be similar to the healing of any other injury that might happen to the body.  

  • helene
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    2 weeks ago

    The cord dries up, falls off, and leaves a scar.

    The scar is either an innie or an outie.

  • 2 weeks ago

    The umbilical cord is tied off with a cord after the baby is born. And then it's clipped with a pair of scissors.

    In a couple of weeks the tube dries up and falls away

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Jesus closes it with his finger 

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