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How to deal with a dad who constantly insults you? ?

My dad constantly insults me all the time, on a constant basis, during normal conversation with me he'll just give me little backhanded compliments here and there out of nowhere, and he'll put me down on a regular basis about things, e.g. My intelligence and appearance. Anyone know why this is? Will give 5 stars to a good answer :) 


I would just like to say I'm a girl

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    Standing up for yourself includes doing what's right for you AND not caring what anyone else thinks including your own parents so continue to be true and don't let people like your dad's dumb things he says about you stop you from doing what is right. He doesn't know anything about you. You are more than your intelligence and appearance. 

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    Just let him know your thinking about going to counseling and would he like to go 

    Source(s): When confronted with the truth one tends to see there fault and from an outsider it stings.
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    Sit with him and ask if he knows or even cares that he is hurting you.Let him know that he has been very disrespectful to you and you want to be friends and fighting is no good.

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    My dad was the same way, but he always said weird stuff. Like he once said I was skinny because I was a lunatic. Would often tell me that I'm inept.   I just never took it seriously in the end 

    I didn't care too much for his opinion. 

    If he said he was disappointed in me I wouldn't care. 

    He wanted me to be a genius kid and I could never live up to that. He wanted me to learn perl at 13 🤪 and got so angry that I wasn't catching on. 

    If I was trying to live up for his opinion and expectations I wouldn't ever listen rap, wear contact lenses, or do a lot of the things I like. I wouldnt be me and be wouldn't be happy. 

    I think the way people acted toward me when I was older affected me more then what my dad ever said. 

    Now that I'm older he would keep telling me that I'm fat all the time. I'm a tiny bit chubby, mostly skinny-fat. I have a little tummy. 

    Istead of taking it seriously would just grab my tummy and reply "I'm proud of my tummy!" 

    He was laughing and said I had too much to drink. 

    (It was new years eve)

    If he kept nagging about my weight I'd just take my pizza and eat in front of him. 

    Somehow it just makes want to do the opposite of losing weight. 

    And now that's how I react to anyone who bothers me about 'my weight'. 

    Or he'd be like ," oh are you pregnant?"

    Why, yes it's a girl. Jk

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    My thoughts are he is suffering from low self image and criticizing others makes him feel superior. Gives his ego a boost also he probably has issues regarding women and thinks they are all stupid. The damage this causes children is serious when they become adults. He need's to get some help and should want to lift you up not bring you down. I am sorry this is happening to you , try to express this to another family member who could help you   

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    It’s probably his normal way of speaking to people, and he probably doesn’t even know he’s doing it.  That’s not to say it’s right though.  Call him up on it.  Ask him why he speaks to you like that.  Say you don’t like it, and that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Say that as your father, he shouldn’t be talking to you like this (which he shouldn’t). Keep on reminding him of this every time he lapses back into it. 

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    There might be a lack of communication between you and your dad. The way you can deal with these situations is to letting him know everything that can prevent you from being insulted. You'd be fully honest in the matters which you feel may become the reason for your insult. It'd help you to stay confident while communicating with your dad.

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    Psychological abuse is still abuse. If you are a minor, go to child care services and report your father, if you are an adult divorce him.

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    Likely he is passing on what his dad did to him. Also, he might wish for you to become the man he never was. A happy person with healthy self esteem doesn't put others down. His life must suck. Wish him well and realize he is a sick man.

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    Don't get upset or angry, but next time he insults you, CALMLY ask him why he talks to you like that. Remaining calm, will take the wind out of his sails. If he insults you in reply, just say (CALMLY) why that was necessary. I don't think he 'means' to be mean, but has just gotten into the 'habit' of doing this. Parents don't stop being human once they become parents, they still make mistakes and some of them are whoppers. They only stop when their habits/behaviour is pointed out to them. I used to yell at one of my kids. Until she came up and asked me why I did this (I wasn't even aware of it!) and told me how she felt. Hand on heart, I never did it again.

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    Ask him what's wrong with him to keep putting you down and lowering your self esteem. Seriously, no good parent does that to their child. Stick up for yourself, he's an asshole so let him know it. 

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