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Could you have a pilot license if had ASD (Asperger Syndrome) or to be more specific health certificate, does aviation authority know?

Could you have a pilot license if had ASD (Asperger Syndrome) or to be more specific health certificate, do your country national aviation authority would know if you omitted this? 

In my country, it's Poland, Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego (ULC) Civil Aviation Authority of Republic Poland, I've always dreamed of being a pilot, although I know I can't afford it yet, it's always good to have some dreams.

But to be able to be a pilot, you first need to obtain a valid EASA ( European Union Aviation Safety Agency,) class 2 health certificate (for amateur flying PPL license) or class 1 (for professional flying (CPL license and higher)).

I read the ICAO guidelines for national airline agencies, and I was curious about Asperger, Asperger's Syndrome, it is not Down's syndrome, after all, maybe this is a bad example because no one chose to be born with a given condition, I read that on, for example, you can be a pilot with a visual impairment, if someone has spare glasses, or if someone has had a laser vision correction, I do not have a vision problem so far. :)

But when I asked in Polish and English-language discussion forums for aviation enthusiasts about such ailments as Asperger's Syndrome, someone wrote to me that in the case of psychological ailments that are not some serious psychiatric diseases, but such defects as Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, etc  I wonder if someone does not tell the whole truth, they will catch it? :-)

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    In most European countries, people with any Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which includes Asperger’s Syndrome may train to acquire a PPL if they can pass the necessary medical and psychological tests.

    But I know of no country which will permit anyone with ASD to become a commercial pilot: the requirements to be able to communicate effectively and unambiguously with other professionals and passengers are a totally non-negotiable safety requirement. A key factor in all forms of ASD is difficulty in communicating unambiguously with other people.

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    Yes, it's possible to obtain an EASA medical certificate with Asperger's but it depends on the severity of the disorder. It's a whole lot harder to obtain a commercial license than a private license, however, since the medical standards are much stricter. While it might be detectable by a medical examiner, the aviation authority doesn't know the health status of every applicant, so it is up to you to be honest about if you have been formally diagnosed for it and are being treated with medications. 

    Lying and covering it up is a sure way to get into a whole lot more trouble than you need in your life, however. The smart thing to is to make an appointment with an EASA aviation health consultant (not examiner) prior to applying for training or a student medical certificate to find out what your prospects are. 

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