Why can't I play games at 165 hz rr?

I play games on my gaming laptop with 120 hz rr. I just purchased another monitor to use a secondary. Now that i'm using the other monitor to game on, it only allows a maximum of 60 rr. I have my laptop and my other monitor connected via hdmi - hdmi. My laptop does not have a display port. Will using an hdmi to display port cable or buying an hdmi adapter for the display port cable fix the problem?  

2 Answers

  • Lv 7
    2 months ago

    first off, a monitor only shows what it is given.

    second, your video card needs to output 165Hz, and you need to tell it to.

    thirdly, your game may not put out enough frames to show 165 of them each second.

  • 2 months ago

    the cable really has nothing to do with it(provided its good quality). Its down to setting the PC refresh rate in the Nvidia Control Panel or whatever gpu control panel that you have, do not rely on the OS recognising the monitor correctly. The monitor you have will try its best to match whatever it is receiving.If a monitor displays no picture you should be able to push the menu buttons and it should show you what signal is coming in. Be aware that just because a monitor says its 165Hz it may not be able to do that at all screen sizes so you should check the monitor capabilities. There is also no obligation for a GPU to output higher refresh rates to an external port than it does to its own LCD. A GPU Chip maker may allow a 3rd party GPU card maker to adjust settings for the port outputs and thats why some cards have 1 HDMI and nothing else or one DisplayPort and nothing else or even just a VGA connector and nothing else. So if your pc has a certain GPU it does not mean it has every feature of it UNRESTRICTED.

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