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I’m 35 and getting divorced I’m beautiful so I don’t understand ?

I had a child with an ex bf my youngest daughter is 8. He’s a bum and signed over his rights to his kid. We broke up then I met my current husband. We had another daughter then we got married. Sometimes I feel like he only married me because I was pregnant. We’ve been married a little over 6 years now and I’m almost positive he’s having an affair. He keeps saying he wants a divorce and that I’m lazy. I’m in college for nursing and I finish next May(2022) not sure how that qualifies as lazy?!! No, I don’t work because I have 2 kids and I’m in nursing school! I don’t understand. I’m 35, I’m gorgeous (I’m not trying to even sound conceding I really am very attractive and I know this!!) I’ve been asked to model more times then I can count and I get hit on almost every time I leave the house. My husband is not going to find someone as pretty as me. The problem is we can’t divorce until after I finish nursing school because I have no money at all. I basically rely on his income to live. If we divorce before May 2022 I’ll literally be homeless. The only income I get is from my parents who rent out their old house and give me the money each month so I have money for school and spending. I’m not moving home to my parents at 35 years old with 2 kids. I’ll first off look like a total loser and 2nd that’s too much on my parents to have 2 kids living at their house. Both my kids go to my parents house M-F from 7AM - 7PM as it is because the schools here are all virtual. What do I do?

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    6 hours ago

    The word is "conceited"! To claim that you yourself are "gorgeous" either means you are fishing for compliments or you are looking for someone here to take care of your lazy butt! Which is it?

  • 12 hours ago

    How do you consider supporting yourself and your kids? It's easier said than done. Blind confidence might hurt. It's a good thing to enrich yourself but time flies. I guess your motivation is to attract another man by your hint. Look careful this time. Maybe he is not better than the incumbent.

  • Anonymous
    18 hours ago

    you are a excuse maker 

    stop making excuses thinking your looks are all that you need to get things your way,

    you are living off everyone else and not carrying your weight

    at 35 you should already been done with school years ago

    I grow real tired of the professional students act like they are doing some magnanimous thing 

    a average looking overweight good employed self responsible women is far better than a self centered "model" narcissist who makes all sorts of excuses why at 35 she still lives in a 22 years old's world 

    in 10 more years you will just be another has been with marginal looks aged and no personality 

    grow up 

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    Sweetie I am 23 I am a RN I had 3 kids by the age of 20 (young yes) when studying for my nursing degree and I still worked! So yes that is an excuse!!!!! I had a 1 year old and twins 2 months old in my 2nd year of schooling. And you ARE conceited, stuck up, beyond measures. YOU may think you are pretty, BUT not everyone has the same thoughts and opinions! I also done virtual and I had the kids home with me, as my husband was at work!

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  • Anonymous
    1 day ago

    The word is "conceited"! To claim that you yourself are "gorgeous" either means you are fishing for compliments or you are looking for someone here to take care of your lazy butt! Which is it?

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    If your as delicious as you say, start a pay strip webpage, you'll earn silly amounts of money compared to nursing. I know my wife does it and she earns so much that I resigned from my position a year ago; I now only do a few home jobs to keep my hand in (I'm a financial consultant). 

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    3 days ago

    I say all people who got divorced are not thinking the future of their children.   Either the husband or the wife.    Every children whose parents got divorced will become an angry person and thus, become a loser.....

    dont be selfish for both of you..... you got human who rely on you.....

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    Need to see pics to prove the attractive part. And actually, it might be better to divorce now before you finish school and start work.  You will get more child support and maintenance, etc.  I think you can scrap by on that for a year and a half.  Next time he threatens divorce say "Great. I will call a lawyer tomorrow."  Then do it.

    You are very lucky to have your parents as a support network.

  • 3 days ago

    You are conceited. No 35 year old women with 2 kids is attractive.

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    3 days ago

    You're getting a divorce because your husband no longer wishes to be married to you.

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