What are scholarships? How do students get them? Who gives them out, and most importantly to me, why do people give them out?

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    Scholarships are financial awards that help pay for college expenses.  

    Students can obtain scholarships in a number of ways.  Some scholarships are based on merit - good grades, good test scores, etc.  Some scholarships are based on financial need.  Some scholarships are based on demographic factors, such as minority group status, area of residence, religion, etc.  Some scholarships are based on things such as community service and volunteer work.

    Different places give out scholarships.  Most universities have scholarship prorgrams - mine gives automatic merit scholarships to students who meet minimum GPA and test score requirements.  Others have schoalrships that students must apply for and compete against others to receive.  Some have both.  Some universities base their scholarships on financial need, giving more to students who need more.

    Some companies, grant foundations, private organizations, and other such agencies also give out scholarships.  I received a scholarship from the life insurance company that my family used, for example.  These you have to search for and apply to.

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