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Is Isl@m a mythology or a religion?

I'm older man and the older I'm, the more I think all religion is just story.   Especially Isl@am because the religion is more like a mythology of people in middle east during the horse time.... (I have no idea, was it the 6th century when the prophet wrote the quran)?

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    All religions are mythologies. It just current ones are widely considered true. And referring to them as mythologies would invite a hailstorm of criticism.

    The US and other western democracies would get a lot of antagonism from our Saudi Arabian allies.

    Source(s): Mohammad was about 40-years-old, in 610. In approx. 610 C.E. the revelations began. This is considered the beginning of Islam.
  • Jim R
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    2 days ago

    Yes it is.                                    

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