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What can I learn from this in my divorce?

My ex-wife talks breathlessly about a random guy she spoke to in a supermarket who bought her a bunch of flowers, yet she spent thousands on a garden, greenhouses and a dozen orchids from our joint account with my approval, but this seems to count for nothing. I bought her random presents like this early in our marriage but stopped after about 5 years as she knew better what she wanted than me. What should I have done?

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    You can learn that, for you ex-wife, random gestures 

    were more important than any amount of letting her 

    spend from your joint account. Since you mention 

    all of this in your question, it would seem that you 

    already knew this... so why bother asking us?

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    What should you have done about what?  Buying her presents  yourself? About the breathless account of the random guy?  If its your own previous behavior, nothing you should have could have done, its over and behind you. Indeed, if you dislike her "breathless talking", all it takes is some rapid walking...away, that is.

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    What should you do? Still be the one who occasionally surprises her with those thoughtful gifts and or actions. Giving her the money to buy thigs for herself is not the same of thinking enough about her and what she likes to but it for her.

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    Not get married in the first place.  As soon as a woman knows she owns you, she doesn't want you.  That is why random guy giving her flowers means a lot more than hubby buying her a whole greenhouse....

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