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Do you notice people are more angry and combative lately?

Just seems like everyone in America is on edge like any person could just “snap” at any moment and go ape sh*it. even the typically calm and rational ones seems snippy and on edge. Even the children seem angry. Anyone else notice this lately? Sometimes I worry that someone with a few screws loose might go on a mass shooting spree or something crazy. Anyone else a little worried? 

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    you have the fascist dictator trump and his accomplices to thank for that.

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    I think most people have noticed something similar and are concerned about it. There is a heck of a lot going on. 

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    2 days ago

    It isn't "lately"... it's something that's been 

    building up for the past couple decades. 

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    2 days ago

     The world is not what it was. Uncertainty about the future is very stressful. Covid has shown us that we cannot live in the unsustainable way that we have been. We are being shown that people we love in our lives make living worthwhile.  We need to start thinking about what a good future would look like.

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    2 days ago

    Its the virus, thats causing so many problems. this is to be expected along with man people breaking up, and being divorced.

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