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When ppl say you need to get your **** together does it mean ?

To get married , buy a house , make 6 figures, have kids and a dog ?

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  • 21 hours ago

    This sentence is used in different ways. Eg my boyfriend has a bit of a temper so I told him “get your **** together or I’m done”. I meant ‘stop being temperamental or I’m done’. It just depends on context 

  • 23 hours ago

    No, it means being a competent, self regulating adult, looking after yourself, your finances, your home/living space, etc. and to stop being a foolish immature person making stupid choices. 

    Hopefully the other stuff doesn't happen until you do. 

  • 1 day ago

    Just ask them why they say that, I would think it means to be a responsible adult, a good member to society.  

  • n2mama
    Lv 7
    2 days ago

    It depends on the situation. For some people it might mean that, for others it might mean get a job and be a productive member of society, for others it might mean step up and help support and raise the children you’ve already created, for some it may mean mentally get yourself into a different headspace where you can be productive. 

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  • Liz
    Lv 6
    2 days ago

    The next time you hear it, ask the person what they mean exactly. 

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    It means 'Get off my couch and get a job because you're too old to be mooching off of your parents'. You don't gotta be the best, you just got to be better. 

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    Usually it means to act like a responsible adult. It might include any of those things, or none of them.

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