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Is there time for a third impeachment of Donald Trump?

if Congress works very fast. 

I realize that Fast and Congress are contradictory terms but is it possible. 

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    2 days ago
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    Sure, Impeachment is vote by the House, nothing more.

    They could vote an Impeachment everyday and twice on Sunday.

    The Kicker is in the Senate, where the "Trial" is conducted.

    All the House needs to say is "Trump" then take the Yea/Nay votes. and the man is Impeached.

    A question is why bother?  How petty are Democrats, How vindictive? How money grubbing, All this Hate just because a Wealthy man refused to donate?

    They, the House, could just pass legislation to recind the Presidential Benefits now, and reinstate them after the 20th.

    Make Term limits to no consecutive terms.  By 2028 Trump will be passed his freshness date.

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    Why not just stop messing around and Lock Him Up! 

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    2 days ago

    That was yesterday.

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