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Have you noticed when people stop keto, they blow up worse than before, but when people stop plant based, they don't blow up at all?

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    What's keto?         

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    What I have noticed over the years, no matter what "diet" most people go on, once they stop the "diet", and go back to the way they ate before the "diet", they did in fact blow up (as you put it).  

    But they also stopped the exercise they had been doing, and portion size, when it came to meals and snacks. So from my layman's observations, it's not just one thing they stop going. 

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    No I haven't but if you have a double-blind, peer reviewed study I would be interested, but not interested in your vegan BS - otherwise all you have is anecdotal evidence and that is not worth a pint of piss.

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    I know ten people who are plant based and they are all overweight except one. It's all the grain based stuff they are eating, i guess?  I can't say for sure. 

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    Since Lockdown, I have not had a chance to really notice. 

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    It's because people stop keto the wrong way, and don't ease up to carbs. When I stopped keto, I went to whole grains and kept the weight I lost on keto OFF. My husband didn't blow up, either. He lost almost 80 pounds, and by the time September rolled around, we got a little lazy and started with his birthday cake and some holiday treats, and he gained back 10 pounds, lost that again. 

    And I've known so many people who stopped being vegetarian and vegan who gained a ton of weight, because they went out of control. It's all about how much self-control you have after the fact.

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