If 10 Whites/Asian men had raped & killed a Black woman at a park in Milwaukee ... What would be the scenario right now in Milwaukee ?

Anderson Cooper probably flew there and started crying like a Fake Rag doll 

Updated 2 days ago:

Oh!  What about a G Ragdoll? 

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    2 days ago
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    "Crying like Fake Rag doll [sic]"? One, I've never heard of a fake ragdoll. Are there forgers out their making ragdolls that aren't real ragdolls but mere forgeries of ragdolls? Is that even possible, to make a forgery out of a doll made out of whatever rags? I don't think so. Two, I've also never heard of a ragdoll crying. I don't think that's a thing. There are crying dolls but not crying ragdolls, much less crying fake ragdolls, something I am 100% does not exist and has never existed. So that brings me to three: You are aware that similes are supposed to add meaning, not confuse meaning, aren't you? If not, be. 

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