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Has Pelosi always been a controlling person, even when she was younger?

I've always thought negatively of people who try to control others.

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    Her own daughter said she was a nasty mother and a complete bytch.

    She said her mother mocked her with that condescending clap she gave Trump after the State of the union address, then she ripped up the speech.

    I would say she is a horrible, bitter, evil Jezebel, not unlike Kamela Harris, Moochy Moochelle, Shitlery Clinton, AOC, Talib, Ilhan, Sheila Jackstain Lee, or Maxine Dirty Waters.

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    She is the sharpest woman alive in the U.S. Government. 

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    Somebody has to take charge when there is chaos. Pelosi was at the Capitol building yesterday talking to the troops about security for the inauguration. That is something Trump should have been doing, but he is useless.

    It is a good thing there is a woman in charge to sort out the mess. 

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    2 days ago

    Then you must R-e-a-l-l-y hate Putin, because he's been controlling Trump for years. 

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    I don't know anyone here who could answer that, none of us knew her while she was growing up. Luckily she is an intelligent woman who knows how to get the job done. And she did. Your president has been impeached twice and you get to enjoy a new president in a few days.


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