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Range of values that represent Motion of the System...?

Suppose that the total energy of the system is a constant, E = 2. Find the range or ranges of x-values that could represent a motion of the system. 

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How do you find EXACT values by just drawing the line and finding the points. Is there a way to calculate this or not?

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*** do I just make the equation of U(x) equal to 2 and then solve? 

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    The solution is that kinetic energy must exist whenever the potential energy is less than 2.  Both of the other answers are a part. 

    Solve the equation for U(x) = 2 to give the crossing points then identify the regions where U <2

    ie a) x<-1.8  b) -1.3<x<1  c) x>1.9

    You can find the points accurately by finding the solutions of the equation.

  • Jim
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    Set U(x) = 2

    2 = (equation)

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    Make a horizontal line on Y = 2, and wherever the line intersects are those range of values that could represent the motion of the system

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