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What causes this!!?!?!.?

I have astigmatism but go without my glasses often. For ages now randomly sometimes I'll be doing something then on the wall in front of me or to the side I'll see a tiny bright dot. It's usually white or another faint color. It stays there for a few secs then goes away. It's only one and it doesn't move. I'm 21 and my last eye exam w dilation 3yrs ago was very good. But what would cause these random dot light I see sometimes? Am I going crazy.

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    1 month ago

    If you have astigmatism, you should be wearing your glasses all the time! You need to get an exam and update your glasses and always wear them! If glasses are a problem, you might be able to wear contacts that are toric. If you do get contacts don't totally abandon your glasses like many do! Contacts are nice but its a good idea just to wear glasses some days. If your current glasses are in good condition and correct your eyes properly, they should be ok for if you decide to get contacts. If not then get new glasses and if you want contacts you can. But regardless if you get contacts and plan on wearing them most of the time, make sure your glasses are a current prescription. There is nothing wrong with wearing glasses but they have to be adjusted properly and a current prescription. By the sounds of it when you got your glasses you didn't wear them much like you should have. Start wearing your glasses again to see if it helps. Get an exam as you will likely need a new prescription, no big deal to wear glasses all of the time!

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