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Why would Republican leaders refuse to go through a metal detector and push past the capitol police officers?

One congresswoman carries a weapon and was outraged she wasn't allowed to take her glock it into the chambers. She was seen shoving the police officers to avoid the metal detector.


Here is the link you asked for. Read it because you are not informed if you hadn't heard or read about it.

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    2 months ago
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    Because they view themselves as priviledged and entitled

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    2 months ago

    I have a hard time believing this since guns aren't allowed in public buildings and this "congresswoman" would know that.  Please provide a link to this.

  • 2 months ago

    It is rather disturbing that law enforcement [or whoever made that rule] does not trust actual elected Legislators to carry weapons, when they have the authority to decide the gravest matters in government.

    But are they right?  Is it possible that some Legislators would irresponsibly, or maliciously, shoot their guns, or stab their colleagues?  I don't know.

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