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Workout advice - will I over exhaust myself with this plan? ?

My gym is doing a bodyfat loss challenge. 

The gym requires three (3) HITT workouts a week. 

In addition, I am going to do boxing 5 days a week for 6 weeks. (side note: I have boxing classes that are expiring and can’t be extended) 

For the last two weeks of the challenege, I am going to run/walk (mostly walk) 3.5 miles a day. 

I’m 300lbs, I’m taking everything slow and at my pace, but would this be over extending myself? 

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    It depends a lot on how much exercise you've been doing prior to this.  If you've been entirely sedentary, you may extremely sore after a single boxing class.  If you normally workout 5x/week, this shouldn't be that big of a change. 

    A major concern would be your knees. If you are doing boxing and other cardio activity like jogging or an aerobics class, you may find that you'll put too much pressure on your knees.  I think you just have to see what happens and adjust accordingly.  

    Some people really do get motivated by a challenge or being in a group/community that is all working towards a similar goal.  If that's helpful to you, then great!  Just don't be discouraged if you have days that you're really sore or exhausted.  Plan for lots of sleep and major hydration. Being dehydrated will make thins worse, go drink up!. Also get a stretching routine that will help .

    Weight loss is mostly about diet. So keep that in mind. 

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    There's no way anyone can tell what kind of shape you're in. There are 400 pound guys in the NFL who could handle that like it was nothing. 

    The best advice I can give is to monitor your morning heart rate. If it starts to increase there's a good chance you're overtraining. 

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