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Is it okay to go another country for work ? ?

Just curious . I can really endure a lot of pain so don't troll back . This is a serious question . 


All this pain like I don't think anyone can handle it . Nothing enjoy . That probably why don't lie about the scar all this tension builds up. 

Have to escape . Some just have to leave to be happy . Just need to breath fresh air new life . Family and all that its too late. I didn't have any fun in years . Always a failure so I couldn't even have fun m so don't troll me it's really painful 😣

Update 2:

Thanks for the nice answers . Like it's really painful life . Everyone wants to be with people and be smart just injshe to go elsewhere 

Update 3:

Just feel new friendship and experienced and far away from everything is best . Anyone relate or been in a similar situation ? How did it feel ? Thanks tc 💕

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    If you have the right skills to qualify for a work visa living abroad can be a great way to expand one's horizons. 

  • 1 month ago

    There are a lot of advantages for a U.S. national to work in another country as a knowledge worker. There are tax breaks, generally lush incomes and respect and protection. If you are a laborer, forget it. It's sometimes compared to slavery.

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