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Fertile myrtles at church. ?

My husband and I have been married for 10 years. We have 1 son together a 9 year old. I have been suffering from infertility and we’ve been trying for some years to conceive again. The thing is my husband has me attending a small church where the women that go there are extremely fertile getting pregnant like every 6 months to a year. So it’s always pregnant announcements at the church and big bellies. I talked to my husband about it and he told me I shouldn’t worry about it and they he wants to still continue going to the church. I told him that being around a bunch of fertile myrtle's sometimes makes me feel down and low and I would like to attend another church to get get my sanity back lol. Husband refuses. Am I wrong for wanting to change churches because if this ? Is my husband right?

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    "my husband has me......"  No he doesn't.  He doesn't have the power.  What YOU do is under your control.  What HE does is under his control.  You could both go to different churches if you wanted to and there was no other solution.

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    Neither of you are wrong. Not going to church won't make pregnant women disappear, though.  There's no guarantee that another church will handle birth announcements any differently.

    Women can't "get pregnant every six months" unless they're miscarrying their pregnancies. Would it be better if your minister announced every week who was going to chemotherapy or recovering from bypass surgery? I guess the population where I go is older, but even so - one week the pastor announced a couple was at the hospital having their baby, and the next he announced they were at the drive-in, socially-distant Christmas service with their newborn. One baby, two announcements. I understand your frustration, but maybe counseling would serve you better.

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    What do you mean, he refuses? He refuses to go to another church--- or he refuses to "let" you go to another church. I understand your feelings, although I know a lot of very happy families with only one child. But you have the right to attend any church you want, and your husband should be more understanding of your feelings. 

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    Why would you want another child after this one you have is 9.?

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    I'm confused.  Women are pregnant for 9 months.  It is therefore physically impossible to get pregnant (and have a baby) every 6 months.  Sure, change churches.  Look into changing therapists, too.

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    You both have valid feelings.

    But, your experience at church should be about feeding your soul and feeling stronger in your beliefs.  If your husband is getting what he spiritually needs at this church, it may be the reason he hesitates to change just over this issue.

    If the pregnancy issues are distracting you from what should REALLY be important about going to church, then you need to examine what you are focusing on when at church.

    The chances are very good that this would happen at almost any church that you go to.  Unless it is a very small church with all senior members, there will probably always be someone making a pregnancy announcement no matter what church you are in.  Changing churches does not guarantee that you would not encounter the same problem at another church.

    So - ask yourself if you are getting what you spiritually need at this church.  Ask yourself if you would always change churches again and again if you end up picking another church with another group of "fertile  myrtles".  

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    🥴😊 Both of you have valid reasons. 

    No youre not wrong.

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