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I'm close to just committing suicide because of my misery, should I just do it?

So I got some horrible news earlier today that my fiancee decided to break off the engagement. She did this because there are now travel restrictions. She is from vietnam and they have just suspended all commercial flights to there because of the cover restrictions. I understand why they did that in order to reduce the spread but this virus has had a toll of it's own my personal life. I'm now left hanging out in the cold now because she decided that it is probably best for the both of us to find someone who lives in our own countries. The main reason why I got my family to help me get with her is cause I had no luck with anyone here in the states. I'm tired and fed up and I wanted to not be alone anymore. I've been a lone wolf for too long and I'm getting tired. Should I just do it ??

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    So your family has been trying to help you, and you'd repay them by committing suicide and putting them through all the grief and difficulty that would cause? Isn't that perhaps a little bit selfish?

    Take one step at a time - if you cannot get married straight away, you can at least address your lonliness by getting more involved in your local community. There must surely be some things you can do to get to know more people and to make yourself more useful?

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