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Besides my weight what can I do to become attractive? Any plastic surgery suggestions are welcomed? ?

I hope to be 35, happily married, and have a baby. I’m 26 lol. I want to finish my degree first but I will be done soon. 


I’m single lol 

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    You have mental health problems.  You've posted this same thing as a virgin who would rather not be a virgin.  You really are boring - and dangerously mentally ill. "If I lose 70 pounds could I be pretty enough to lose my v card, get married, and have a kid ?   Include any plastic surgery. I wanted to save myself for marriage but idk if I should anymore or if men like virgins lol. So many people I went to school with are having kids even if they are getting Medicaid. I’m 26"


    Plastic surgery and weight reduction aren't going to help you.  Therapy might.

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    1 month ago

    What do you hope to accomplish with 

    your tedious trolling? What ever it is, I 

    don't see how it is of any benefit to you, 

    nor to anyone else.

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    1 month ago

    You are still young enough to find love. Looks fade . Eat right , stay fit , be a nice person , you’ll be fine 

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