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Could you be with someone who is great at everything but can’t make you laugh?

I love my boyfriend.. we’ve been together for about 7 months. He is the sweetest, nicest man I’ve ever been with. We have a lot of interests in common and we are extremely attracted to each other.. it’s the most romantic relationship I’ve ever been in. And we do have fun when we are together.. but he’s just not funny lol. I know it sounds silly but whenever he tries to make me laugh it is so forced that it’s a turn off. I have no idea if I should even bring it up, I know it would hurt his feelings. But does this mean we are not compatible or right for each other?

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    It depends how important you feel it is in your relationship. For instance, I am a very goofy person and love to laugh, so although a perfect and romantic relationship would be hard to walk away from, i would because it is important to me to be with someone who can make me laugh. From the looks of it yall have been together for quite some time now so if he WERE funny it should have came out by now. Just carefully consider if you are willing to throw away what yall have because "hes not funny" or if it is a deal breaker and you will eventually get tired of him being so boring and unfunny. And for "being compatible", its something you should feel. its a feeling that yall get each other and understand each other completely, just because he isn't funny doesn't mean yall aren't compatible, it just depends how important it is to you in a relationship.

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