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What should I do about extremely noisy neighbors (townhomes)? Please read below?

Hello I recently moved to a townhome community 3 months ago. I live in a college town so most of the neighbors are young. I am okay with it since I'm 24. I know living in the area can be noisy and I expected a few parties/loud music here and there. My problem is, is that my neighbors have a legit MUSIC STUDIO in each room, a 3/3 unit. 

At first I thought I could deal with it but I literally can't, it drives me and my sisters crazy. They play music super loud and the bass I can literally feel the vibration in my floor and through my walls ( which by the way are paper thin). I can't enjoy something simple as watching movies on my laptop. They play all day/night until 5 AM. I even get woken out of my sleep. 

I am a RN and I work in a mental hospital on the childrens unit and I work day/nights. I just feel my quality of life is at state. How can I go and do my job when I feel tired, fatigued, exhausted because of anxiety and getting no sleep. My landlords says they can't do anything and that I should go to the police since we have ordinances, we live next door to guys. I am scared they will do something to our dog or cars out of anger. My car was already the subject of burglary the past month. 

What should I do? In FL you have to "make contact with officer before anything is done". I am at wits end, we knock on the wall when they are being too loud, but I just can't do this anymore. They are over 18 they should know better to not play loud music after 12 AM. 

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    Loud music from 5am to past 12am?  Wow!

    Certainly other residents are also fed up with the noise. Contact your neighbors and form a complaint chain. When the music begins, have everyone call both the landlord AND the police, one after the other, to complain about the noise. You all do this EVERY TIME the music is loud...especially during quiet hours (find out what those hours are by calling the police and kindly ask them).

    Once the powers that be get more than one complaint, they are more likely to take it seriously and do something about it. Not necessarily to stop the noise,  but to stop you all from bothering them early in the morning and late at night! Once the problem becomes their problem, they will react. 

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    Report them to the association.

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    First I suggest you make friends with your neighbors.  Invite them over when the music is loud so they can hear what you hear.  They likely have no idea how thin the walls are so don't realize their error in judgement.  Plus if they know you are trying to avoid getting the cops involved, they will appreciate your effort and not automatically think you are the one that called the cops when you might eventually have to go that route.  Plus, it you do, and they did get vindictive, they know you would just call the cops on them again.  Lastly, don't assume that just because they are over 18 that they understand cause and effect.  Many 18+ individuals lack the maturity you possess.

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    talk to the police about it

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    If they're as loud as you say, you're not the only one likely to have a greivence, so you might not be the prime suspect if you go to the police. If it worries you, though, talk to other people in your neighbourhood, work out a plan for acting together and corrdinating a response. 

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