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Are water signs really foolish enough to think they can manipulate air signs?

Come on! Air moves water! 


The air signs made you think you were manipulating them. In the end, you're alone...sir Scorpio!

Update 2:

Geminis are physic like. Aquarius is just smart

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I agree air moves water! And this is my i don't care for water signs feelings, They hoes!

  • 2 months ago

    Listen I am a scorpio libras are smart... I have to watch for them if they are a so called enemy. But Gemini and Aquarius I got in a bag. Ive recently had to "battle" against two roommates of these signs who at first were very clever but boy did I come guns blazing. My manipulation skills are out of this world. They no longer live here, hahah! 

    Son yes I as a water sign think/ know I can manipulate an air sign. They think I am weak because I am emotional, but that has nothing to do with me and driving them batty!!! If anything it helps me to understand what drives them off the cliff something they cant do. Theyre intellectual but they are emotional too. Theyre human. I dont run on intellect. I run on emotions and drown them in emotions. I like fuxkin with air signs because they think theyre so clever and water signs like dragging ppl down; especially those who think theyre so clever.

    Pisces not so much, as far as being clever. Cancer is pretty clever, but are too soft. Scorpios idk... I'm a scorpio and i cannot let anyone have the upper hand. I'm not too evolved.

    EDIT: I'm Madam... And made me "think" hahaha... No I dont think. I know. I wanted them to leave. And they are GONE. So either way I WIN and now my new roommates are awesome *smiles*

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Only toxic water signs manipulate. Gemini seems to be the most intuitive air sign....very intuitive tbh. 

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