Ethernet cable on a wifi repeater?

Hi! I hope someone could help me out on this because I'm having a problem with my wifi signal as it barely reaches my room where my desktop is. Moving the modem/router isn't an option and so is drilling a hole to let an ethernet cable through. I stumbled upon Comfast CF-WR613N V3 wireless broadband router which, based on the seller, is a wifi repeater. I don't have knowledge about this and would like to ask if I will be able to just plug and play and have a short ethernet cable connect the repeater and my desktop? Or should I just buy a longer ethernet cable which would cost me more than the repeater?

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    There is no point in connecting a repeater via an ethernet cable to your desktop. The wifi signal would be just as weak for the repeater as it would be for the desktop. If you are going to use a repeater/extender they need to be halfway between the router and the desktop. Even then repeaters are half duplex, meaning they have to receive the signal and then rebroadcasts it effectively halving the speed.

    A long ethernet cable is always more effective the a repeater or a powerline adapter.

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    Use Homeplug (powerline adapters) as micksmixxx suggests.

    WiFi repeaters halve the connection speed as everything has to be sent twice.

    They also increase congestion & the 2.4GHz WiFi band is overloaded to the point of being near useless in many towns and cities anyway.

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    You do not need another router.What you need is wifi extender or wifi booster.You plug it into outlet 1/2 way from router/modem to your room.How to set it - read user guide.

    I use TP-Link.Netgear is also good company

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    An easier option for you, my friend, would be by using a Powerline Adapter.  This uses the mains power wires to transmit the signal along.  You would need to purchase a LAN/Ethernet cable to go from the Powerline Adapter nearest to your PC to plug into your LAN/Ethernet port.

    Look at the following options on ... I'm assuming here that you use the International Amazon website.

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