Can someone please explain this dreams?

Hi! So two days ago, I had a dream that we had some kind of celebration in my house. After the occasion, I packed my things to go with my sister to her apartment. When we got there, she told me that I have to be careful because they have "a lot of snakes around here". We went into the pool and a snake came into the water. My sister told me not to move to avoid being bitten. The snake came around me and moved around my thigh before leaving to the other side of the water. We got off and ran inside the house. But the snake was already inside, so we ran out of the house but it followed us. I hit it on the head with something and it stopped moving. 

We went to the neighbor's house (she's an elderly). We tried to inform her about snake but she was busy cooking. I looked out through the window to see if the snake was still there but it had disappeared. Suddenly, it came to the door, punching it with its head that wood started breaking off. I tried to hold the door but was unsuccessful. Luckily the neighbor realised what was going on and opened her front door. We all ran out of the house into the street with the snake chasing us. I was behin so my sister held my hand while we were running. Each time I look back the snake was coming for me and flying through the air. In that dream, the snake seemed angry and very persistent. (It is a very scary to see a snake flying through the air and I had another similary dream just today). Please, can someone explain it for me? Thank you! 

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  • 1 month ago

    The snake is a symbol of what you fear in Life.  I think these dreams have found their way into your subconscious mind because they are good examples of what to be fearful of.  Evil, loss of Life, loss of friends, family, home, etc.  What you need to do is dump the image of a snake because that has you hooked into trying to find an answer connected to the snake, and you could go on doing that forever.  Instead, look at your own Life right now, as it is.  And ask yourself some questions.  Am I happy now, and if not, why not? Is there something I have been putting off doing, and I need to take care of it?  What occupies my mind, or is always on my mind, like something left cooking on the stove, which is now at the boiling point or burning point?  Just sit quietly for awhile and reread this note to you, and maybe tonight or earlier, an answer will present itself to your mind.  Take it slowly. Don't rush an answer.  Let your subconscious bring the truth forward in your own mind.  I wish you well.        

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