Can someone please explain this dreams?

Hi! I don't remember the first part of this dream. My dream was about a young woman (about my age, maybe 20). There was myself and a whole crowd looking for her. She was sitting inside a house and everyone else was outside trying to get to her and harm her. She has a dog, whom she identified as mine in that dream and seemed to be torturing the dog because I can hear the dog whimper. I was so angry along with the crowd and we tried to break into the house. But a snake came out and started chasing us, and even flying through the air. With the whole crowd running around from the snake. The snake seemed to be focused on me. So I diverted it to another direction. By the time the snake was gone, the woman had already left with the dog. So, we kept on searching for her knowing she wouldn't have gone far. This is the second time I am having a dream about a flying snake. I described my first dream in a previous question. I don't know what these dreams are trying to relay to me. Can someone please help? Thank you!

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  • 1 month ago

    You were the girl who was inside the house!  And then at the same time you are the older girl in the crowd and the snake focused on you.  Then they all disappear, the snake, the girl with the dog, and you as one of the crowd. Your emotion is one of anger because of the fear that the dog might have been tortured.  What is going on with you in your waking Life?  The answer to your dream is found in your Life, in the here and now. I wish I could talk to you so I could figure out the complete meaning of this dream.  But the answer lies in the real world. 

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