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can Venus trine Pluto be that strong in synastry?

So I am the Pluto person (I dont' have a significant Pluto in my natal chart) and he is Venus (he has heavy hard aspect between Venus-Pluto and Moon-Pluto and also Saturn in his chart but also a Sun trine Pluto)

I don't really recognize myself in the traits of Pluto, but this person is really obsessing me and more and more

he looked for me initially, now he seems to be afraid of me, even if I am detached (moon in capricorn) so I don't think I have shown who knows what towards him,

why does he behave like this? maybe its hard aspects especially Venus square Pluto make him insecure?


I forgot to mention that this trine is exact 

my Uranus is in large square to his Venus in Aquarius

Update 2:

@Janet sorry maybe I made a mistake because I'm not English native anyway it's me that is obsessed with him, I feel something so deep for him, like I want him more than anything,even if there's also something wrong with him that's true, he's kinda weird and when I meet him then I feel very agitated,I have noticed that he already remembers small details about me, I suspect that he senses much more about me more than he suggests

almost of my personal planets also make a square with his Lunar Nodes

Update 3:

Could the fact that I am a Uranus also mean that he as Venus (and with THAT Venus in his birth chart) could he try to cage me? I don't want committed relationships right now, not adventures but not even marriages or similar

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    Trine aspects create harmony, but a trine is not a strong aspect even when it is exact.  

    Your friend is obsessing because he IS obsessive. It is not you, but merely the fact that you are there. rUnfortunately, the stronger an initial obsession is, the wrose the relationship will tutrn out to be.  This is because in the early phase of a relationship, everything is the best it will ever be, but once our brain chemistry adjusts, then the problems start. So the more obsessive he is now about the positive that is how obsessive he will be once the negative starts up.

    Pluto is the planet that represents our intensity and will power. Venus is the planet that indicates our need to relate to others. When these two planets are in a square aspect, these two facets of our personality contradict each other, creating inner tension, bringing out the negative style of behaviors for the Signs that these two planets are in.

    He is obsessive because the square aspect creates inner tension, and so he acts out in extreme ways in order to try to "blow off" that inner tension.

    This is someone who is likely to be extremely manipulative and controlling, and may even be phsyically violent once the "honeymoon" phase has died out.  Much depends on how well he has come to understand his inner dynamics, and to master them rather then being pushed automatically by them.  All astrology shows is how we START OUT in life ... how we will likely be if we do nothing to change or grow over time.

    Your Uranus square his Venus .. in synastry, this indicates relationships that start off suddenly and very strong, but either break off unexpectedly, or never reach commitment but are on-and-off over and over, or are in some way very unconventional.  With this synastry aspect, people tend to fall in love instantly .. and the fall out of love just as suddenly.  It is NOT an aspect for a lasting happy relationship.

  • Anonymous
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    You are wasting your time unless you study Uranus. You should be able to take a photo to pin up on your wall.

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