How come gay people are rejecting the LGBT identity?

I get that yes it is really politicized now. And now a days who really cares if you're gay. I do see especially Gen Z gay community they hold more libertarian views. They don't accept all ideas like there are more than 2 genders sort of thing. Pretty much all of Gen Z don't care about gay people because it's not effecting them and there are definitely far worse things in the world. And what I mean is they do have the attitude of be gay but don't make it your personality. As for anti gay people it really is the same of be against them on a personal level but don't make it your personality and don't make it so publicly known. Definitely I do see gay people are leaving the whole LGBT identity and I can't blame them either. Really it has been turned into a leftist political movement rather than a community.


Gen Z grew up during the 2008 economic down fall so it makes sense. Millennials are happy and grew up in an economic raise.

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My update was directed towards El

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  • 1 month ago

    It’s a very disgusting way of life 

  • 1 month ago

    All I know is that it must not be a lot of fun to feel trapped in the wrong body. Your sex refers to the physical bits you popped out  with when born, while your gender is the the  way your mind is wired (and influenced) to associate the bits with the identity. 

    Imagine if every thought and belief in your mind said you were a female, yet you look and sound and are therefore perceived as something you know you are not. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult that life would be, and I’m relatively open gay man (quite comfortable that my bits and my identity are in sync. I have no desire to change my sex or gender). 

  • 1 month ago

    Those who are rejecting that “identity” are doing so because they know that there are no such people as LGBT. That ridiculous and misleading initialism is just a device to con gay, lesbian and bisexual people into believing that they belong to an imaginary “LGBT community”, which they are betraying if they don’t support the crackpot theories and demands of transgender activists. That dishonest trick is now wearing thin, thank God – and not before time.

  • 1 month ago

    You can't "leave" an identity.  Before I say anything else I have to say your account doesn't correspond to my reality at all.  But there are several campaigns funded by the religious right which aim to disrupt the queer community by sowing discontent and division.  This has sometimes involved the foundation of fake interest groups which aim to exclude trans people, which makes no sense because of the big overlap between our identities - many of us are in several categories - and is in any case foolish because it's a divide and conquer strategy.  And I don't know exactly what you consider to be worse than being murdered for being gay, which is not only still happening but is even sanctioned by law in places where there's a death penalty for homosexuality.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "The" LGBT identity? Those letters stand for four identities.

    There's still plenty of social stigma people may wish to avoid, and bigotry has been on the rise lately.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

     Because LGBT was only a 90s statement for propaganda zxjq

     . . . . . . . . . .


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    As a masculine gay man, I want absolutely nothing to do with a group that includes lesbians and transgenders.

    I have nothing in common with those freaks, and I never want to be around them.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "How come gay people are rejecting the LGBT identity?"

    False assertion.

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Dis-association from an acronym that's being squabbled over, and that's overloaded with self-appointed "spokespersons" who want to claim all members of any sexual minority as their constituents is really pretty natural and inevitable.

    There really never was such a thing as an "LGBT community".  There were simply a lot of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people going to the same bars and clubs.  It was always an open secret that when activists wanted to make a show of force on the streets, it was almost impossible to get more than a tiny percentage of those people to show up.  They simply never have identified themselves as part of a larger "community".  They just consider themselves to be occasional patrons of a few establishments - perhaps all in a certain geographical area.  They don't typically see themselves as neighbors with ties to each other.

    So, for younger people - who have never walked down a street at night with that creepy feeling of invisible crosshairs being on your back, because someone might see you and start a rumor that ends up costing you your job, or because some drunk band of high school kids might be looking for "pervert" to beat to death - the idea of automatically and involuntarily be considered a member of some "movement" or "community" or "agenda" seems unnatural and unwelcome.  They'd prefer to choose their own causes and associations, and not have other people do that for them, on the basis of their sexuality or gender.

    I don't think it has anything to do with economics.  It's just that, as oppression and repression become less evident, there's less reason to put up with being pigeon-holed along with a bunch of other people that you've got nothing in common with, except the fact that you're not a member of the majority, sexually or gender-wise.

  • El
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    1 month ago

    What the hell are you rambling on about?

    Generation Z is one of the most confused, anxiety-ridden generations comprised largely of mental trainwrecks, and the one ahead is going to be even worse.

    Oh yes. I wasn’t blaming them in any way shape or form - I was merely suggesting using their attitudes as any sort of yardstick may not be the best idea. I agree that our shitty political, economic and cultural systems and their many failings (such as the economic collapse) are to blame for the downward spiral. However I don’t think what you said is entirely true... The oldest members of Generation Z (those born in 96-97) were only just becoming teens in ‘08 whilst plenty of millennials were just leaving school, college and home, and entering the workforce. I wouldn’t use millennials as any yardstick either though - they’re pretty screwed up too.

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