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Superhero movies are not superhero movies anymore, why is that?

Power Rangers 3, Avengers Endgame, X-Men Dark Phoenix and now Wonder Woman 1980s.  They are just getting much longer and more boring, WW80s could have been better without all that talking and focus on being super and fighting bad guys which there is not much of, it reminds me of Power Rangers 3 which really makes me sad.  Looking back to 2012 when The Avengers was total action packed, Spider-Man Far From Home in 2019 was total action packed too, what happened to Real superhero movies like that?  All the new ones are just boring and some are pointless horror movies like The Joker and The New Mutants and the upcoming Morbius The Vampire which are just even more Hellboys and Underworlds.  I remember 2005 when Batman Begins got so much hate for Batman not being super very much in that one, same with Superman Returns the following year but since when did superhero movies become more like 2 1/2 hour long boring movies with all talking no action, like they try too hard to make them so long and boring instead of a 2 hour long action pack?  I don't remember this being a thing 21 years ago.  I'm sure they only made Superman Returns for money but that didn't seem like a thing in the 2000s, this really makes me miss Mighty Morphen Power Rangers.


Eugene=No, eps 7-9 were perfect.  Spider-Mans with Tobey Mac are some of my "never watch again"s, that girl constantly shrieks too much just like in Jumanji, same with 1989 Batman.  Batman Begins is good example of a failure, he's not even Batman til the 2nd half.  Superman 5=Supes not being super very much.  The Last Airbender=rather dark and disturbing than silly fantasy like the anime.  Power Rangers 3=being dystopia instead of like everything else PR.  Most were failures but made big money

Update 2:

Reb=Interesting Superman reference, but until the late 2000s there wasn't good enough cgi to show supers excessively.  Like in X-Men where Wolverine looks like Batman instead of himself and Sabretooth doesn't look like his comic counterpart.  X-3 the Beast looks close to his comic counterpart but is missing a pointy nose and pointy ears which he has since Days Of Future Past, X-3 Juggernaut is too skinny for Juggernaut, not done yet-

Update 3:

-1994 Fantastic Four makes The Thing look weird, he's like a guy wearing makeup instead of being a cgi model.  When X-Men was being made there were concept arts for Blob and Beast that made them look weird.  Street Fighter with Van Damme, Blanka looks painted instead of like a monster.  Spiderman 2002, the Green Goblin is a battlesuit instead of a green person, that's wrong too.  See what I mean?

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    I hate the x-men movies now. They casted kids, and the suits look so lame like in avengers.

    Too much cgi and lousy casting.

    The wolverine movies were netter.

    Although first class was good and x3. Everything else sucked.

    I loved all 3 toby spideys and not the remakes.

    I thought willem dafoe in a suit worked.

    It made it realistic.

    X-men had no excuse to screw up so any characters like cyclops, sabertooth, rogue, magneto, blob, or juggernaught.

    I hated avengers, bad casting and too mindless.

    Aquaman is garbage because of diversity casting. That's NOT how aquaman looks like.

    Too much cgi, bad casting, and making things dark ruins these movies with lousy stories.

    Wonder woman looks like a foreigner and a lesbian.

    No superman movie topped Christopher reeve, nor any Lex Luthor topped Gene Hackman.

    Batfleck was as unwatchable as Clooney.

    I liked all the dark knight movies.

    Yes it took getting used to, but dark knight rises and dark knight are still incredibly amazing movies.

    The first batman I liked a lot, returns not so much.

    Forever was ok, but jim Carey is too over the top and Tommy lee jones like clowns. Carey acted like a flaming homosexual and tommy acted like the joker too much.

    Val pulled off bruce and batman so did o'Donnell as robin.

    I wanted a dark knight 4 and spiderman 4.

    Mmpr I stopped watching after zeo.

    I saw only the first two movies.

    Turbo was okay but too much for kids. It was cool austin st john as Jason was in it though. 

    I liked also fantastic four and daredevil.

    The punisher was not bad with travolta.

    Yes I mentioned it, but like the other guy said, too much whokeness and politics.

    They keep casting liberals too and loud mouthed Trump haters.

    The avengers casting sucks except for ironman.

    Thor too is garbage.

    Horrible casting and junk movies.

    The 80s made for tv episode was better! With that guy who was in American pie.

    Linda Carter looks all American and acts like wonder woman, gal gadot the Israeli homosexual lesbian does not.

    They also made her a mary sue, too serious, boring, and acts like a man.

    I cannot stand Daisy Ridley, or Charles Theron in mad max fury road. One of thee most overated sequels of all time, and they refused to cast Mel.

    Daisy ruined star wars, besides Disney, Kennedy, and JJ Abrams.

    The new star trek's tried to be heroes and it was funny, as in clown show ha ha you suck funny.

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    I don't agree.  They're still pretty superhero-y.  But to avoid them all being simple origin movies, alot of times they try to tweak the formula.  New Mutants for example is trying to blend the horror and superhero genres. 

    You seem to be complaining that they take time for character arcs and moments.  I don't think that's a weakness, it's a strength.  If you want nothing but wall to wall stunts, watch Fast & Furious.

  • 1 month ago

    You have good directors and bad directors.  The quality in movies is based on the talents of the director.  Just the same as ordering a Big Mac from McDonalds, the sandwich is only as good as the one who prepares it.

    A good example of failed movie franchises, I would consider the Star Wars sequel (episodes 7-9) as a failure.  This is because of today's political correctness. Disney wants to cater to the "woke", SJW community.  And what happens is you get awful movies out of it.  I consider episodes 4-6 the best, episodes 1-3 in 2nd place, and episodes 7-9 as a never watch again.

  • 1 month ago

    Filmmakers of superhero films try to blend other genres together, so that the films wouldn't be too generic with all action scenes. 

    This has been the case for years. The 1979 Superman film actually didn't feature Superman in his cape and tights until over 1 hour into the film. 

    The superhero genre has been going back and forth between all action to a drama blend since then.

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