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Why did I have a dream of my mother being very sick 😷 ?

I remember in the dream of I was hanging out with a group of funny boys who I think liked me and we were planning to FaceTime when I get home.. my crush decided to walk me to the car which where their was my mom waiting for me.. (ofc because she usually drives me home from school *when I went to school ofc we have online now*) I saw her standing by the car with her hair in her face mumbling about you help someone in need...(I am guessing she was saying she was in the need of help) I remember she looked very ill, and my crush was just standing there feeling sorry for her.. I was ashamed that he had to watch something sad like that and in the dream I felt that was personal that my mother was going through such health problems.. in the dream she had the flu (but really bad) I asked if she was okay and she said “yes let’s get to the car now” that’s all I remember..

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    We have no idea. We don't know you, we don't know your history, and the reality is that most of the time, dreams mean nothing.  They are just the detritus, the rubbish, that our brains, our random subconscious meanderings, throw out at night. They don't have any deep meaning.  It's silly to think they do.

    When I was a child -- probably around 10 -- I dreamed that my mother was dying. I wasn't allowed to see her, but she was writing me letters from the hospital.  I woke up sobbing.  There was absolutely no reason why I would have had such a dream -- I had no grounds for thinking she might not be well, there were no threats to or problems in our relationship that might have been presented, in a dream, as her imminent death

    I've always remembered that dream, because it was so disturbing, but in fact, over 53 years later, my mother is alive and well at the age of 85, and we are still close.

    The dream was bizarre but meaningless. Most dreams are.

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