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My dog had puppies after spay, how can this happen and can I get my money back? ?

My dog is almost exactly a year old now, I got her as a pup and had her spayed at 4 months old, I have all my proof with paperwork. I had left her at a friends house to dog sit and they have an unaltered male dog but I figured that wouldn’t be an issue due to her being spayed. I didn’t even realize she was pregnant, I didn’t think it was a possibility but I noticed her acting strange the night before and came home from work the next day to a litter of puppies. I had contacted my vet to ask about what could have happened but they’re saying that they don’t believe that this could happen, And refusing to even look at her. I’m not sure if a spay can be done wrong resulting in a pregnancy afterwards or if I had brought her in and they had some kind of a mix up. I would like to have her spayed again but due to the $600 cost that goes along with that I would prefer that it would be done for free or that I could be reimbursed. If someone has medical or vet experience I was hoping that you could explain how this could have happened, if you have legal experience I was hoping to know what I will need to resolve this issue possibly in court if I can’t have them come to an agreement. I do not have any other dogs, I have my paperwork for the spay, and I have her microchip info that was implanted during the spay incase I need to prove this is the same dog. Do I have enough to prove this case? I just font know how this happened. 

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    When you spay a dog you take out the uterus and ovaries.   It is impossible for the dog to get pregnant.  So they are either lying or they screwed up and did not do it.    File a claim in small claims court for the cost of a spay,  having the puppies,   etc.   You can go up to the max allowed in small claims court.  

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    That's impossible.

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    A spay includes removal of both ovaries and the uterus.  There is no way on earth a female of any mammalian species can ovulate and give birth without ovaries and a uterus.  Take the dog and puppies to a different vet and have it documented that she recently gave birth.  Then use the second vet's documentation to sue the first vet and report him/her to your state veterinary board. 

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    LOL the amount of people who didn't get this is a troll question.

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    If the Vet that did the initial spay refuses to work with you, you can contact the Board of Veterinarian in your state & let them know that this has happened.  There is bound to be some kind of recourse you can do.  Reporting the Vet for malpractice would be a good first step.  You paid for the spay & he/she didn't do it, which lead to an unwanted litter.  You don't want to hear all the excuses or reasons, the fact that the dog wasn't spayed says it all.

    Didn't you notice the swollen vulva & the blood before you took the dog to where it got bred?

    Report the Vet.

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    Okay, if not a TROLL question and actually is true (which is hard to believe) since it also means you never noticed (an in- heat; blood dripping dog, or any weight gain, or puppy movement before they arrived).  

    If the dog was micro-chipped at the time of the "supposed spay" then you can prove it is the same dog - who was supposedly spayed & you need to take photos of the nursing litter as proof.  Hard to believe they will not even LOOK at the dog or litter (even through the windows) - as they are a VETERINARY hospital and if you wanted to show PROOF why would this have been denied?  Hire a LAWYER and sue; as the SPAY you paid for DID NOT HAPPEN (you paid for a service that was not provided in point of fact and now have resulting damages) and/or they may have spayed somebody else's dog.  Also contact the Veterinary Board of your state or region and report all.  They need to INVESTIGATE, this firm.  IMO I'd want my money back but i would NEVER let them touch my dog again and I would also post on Yelp and at the Better Business Bureau.

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    i would contact the vet where you got her spayed. THis sounds like a troll question.

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    Cough.  Either the operating vet didn't remove the entire works when she was 'spayed', or you didn't notice she was IN SEASON when you left her with your friend and her entire male (or both!).   And she too might have noticed undue attention/a mating from her male.  I also ask why you didn't notice she was putting on a lot of extra weight!!  If she was caught by your friend's dog, she could have had a gravid spay.

    I'd go for the vet who did the surgery, and meanwhile, once she's finished rearing her puppies, get her spayed by another vet.

    Somehow I'm reluctant to believe this question ...................

    No mention there of this meaning she could still have puppies.

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    Did you get her from a breeder, who told you she was spayed? Yeah, he lied. Our dogs both came from breeders and the breeder we got our older dog from told us she was spayed. She would hump a lot and would occasionally bleed from her private area. That was 3 years ago. We now have a 1-year-old dog as well. When we took both of them to the vet and told him to spay the younger one, he told us the older one wasn't spayed, he could tell from looking at her stomach. So after that we got the older one spayed.

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    I agree, if the dog was chipped and you have a spay certificate then sue the vet.

    Whenever I bring a new dog or pup to the vets I include a photo of them, then when they are chipped there’s no denying it’s the same dog. (Pups used to be 22 weeks old before the vets here would chip them, that was when they first and out)

    If you didn’t chip your pup and she’s a typical marked breed like rotti etc then you may have a hard time proving it was that dog.  Did you notice when you brought the pup home if there was an incision on her belly or does she have a surgical scar?

    Good luck, I would say sue the vet.

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