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Could I get Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Hello, So I just got over my period a few days ago and I use tampons.  I am 110 percent positive i removed my last tampon.  Today and I was going to the bathroom it felt like something was on mei d of how it feels with a tampon in.  When i went to clean myself there was a piece of cotton about the size of a cotton in a round ball shape!! I couldn’t believe it and it did smell foul.  I checked to make sure nothing else was in there and now i’m freaked out.  I feel completely fine and don’t have a fever or symptoms of anything else.  It’s 9 at night and no place is open except a hospital but i feel like i need to be checked to make sure nothinf else is there and maybe antibiotics? I really do t want to go to ER.. urgent care opens tomorrow at 9 am so i could go then.. 

 any thoughts? Do I still have a risk of getting TSS do you think I can wait until morning or am I just freaking out? lol.. Thank you!

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  • 2 months ago

    We all have risk of getting TSS every day.

    It's not only from tampons.

    But if your toe nails aren't black, you almost certainly escaped the danger for today.

  • 2 months ago

    Toxic shock would be very unlikely as it was tied to the rely tampon no longer on the market. You can sweep the vagina with your finger, it’s not large and you should feel anything there.  You can wait until an UC opens

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