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where does youtube money come from for paying?

Everyone there always asks for likes and subscribe.. so

Does it pay based on the number of subscribers, or likes, or the ads that show up during a video? Obviously all of them but which more..

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    My understanding is it comes from views.  The more people who view your videos, the more money you make because Youtube is showing its ads to that many more people.

    A content creator I like says he gets paid about $6 for every thousand views he gets.  Most of his videos generate 20k to 30k views over the first 3 months, but he does hit a home run occasionally and gets 1 to 3 million views.  1 million views can equal about $6k for him. 

    As for them asking you to subscribe and like their videos, it tells Youtube you like their content so it will show you their other videos or future videos on your page when you sign in, so they can make even more money.

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    views and the ads

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