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how can banks INTENTIONALLY crash the stock markets? and does this immediately affect the job markets after? as well as the housing markets?

 like in the 2008 real estate, everybody got sucked in in 2005, 2006 & 2007 , the real estate market crashed, 10s of millions of home owners lost all their wealth , the banks bought them all up for pennies on the dollar and now real estate is back up higher than it was before, so all that wealth transferred and now all those millions of Americans , are instead of owning their homes, are now renting them from the hedge funds. So the key is to retaining your purchasing power, so when the next “reset “ of assets happens,  you can buy back up at the bottom just like the elites do and then ride it back up again. I think what you want to do is get out of the financial system, because we understand that this is a controlled and manipulated, captured market that is operated like a casino.

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    Yes, the banks were the source of the failure -- they made loans that were not secured enough.

    But, while many people lost wealth in 2008 with the real estate crashes all over the world, banks didn't buy them "all up for pennies on the dollar". The banks were owed billions at the time, and they only got back what they sold those houses for, usually a lot less than the amount they had loaned out. In other words, they had to "eat" the losses.

    And yes, there were people who bought the properties at bargain rates, but those rates were within the ball park of the real estate value at the time. 

    It doesn't operate like a casino -- casinos are set up to always win in the long run. The financial system is bad, of course, but only because people have made it that way -- capitalism, like communism has had its day in the sun, and really needs to be replaced. 

    Sorry, but it will take another major crash (not just a correction) to get rid of what we have at the moment, and even then it will take almost 100 years before the replacement system will be in place. 

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    When banks started writing huge mortgages to people that couldn't afford them, I sold all my bank stocks, since this just didn't make any sense to me and I knew Judgement Day would be coming. And as far as I am concerned, if I could figure it out, those bank executives that didn't or couldn't, all belong in jail. I mean, in what world does a bank write a $350,000 mortgage to a day laborer that makes $35,000 per year and is trying to buy his first house for him, his wife and 6 kids?  

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