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I have ocd but I reazlied a lot of my worries are a bit paranoid or could be delusional. For example. I used to worry as a kid if I didn't check soemthing,someone may have poisoned my family and if I didn't check,it would be my fault. Or checking stuff over and over. I also used to be paranoid over minor mistakes I made that I would get into legal trouble when the mistakes weren't even that bad,I just worried that badly about them. I also would worry people were gonna leave me or thought badly about me. Please say it's jsut my ocd and not schizophrenia?? I'm 21.


I used to worry badly id go to jail over minor mistakes or that my friends were plotting bad stuff against me. That's just anxiety ?

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    I can help you out with this, seeing as how I too have worried about this in the past. First I will say that the fear of developing schizophrenia is an extremely common concern for individuals with anxiety to focus on - very common. Plenty of people will go online, check out symptoms, realize they match with how they're feeling and proceed to start worrying (although this can happen with about almost anything - which is why I recommend you don't constantly google symptoms about things, you'll think you have everything). Two reasons though why you very likely won't develop schizophrenia: 1) It is well-documented that individuals with schizophrenia almost never are aware that they are descending into it. It just begins to happen and appears almost normal to them. So the fact that you are aware and lucid of this concern is a strong indicator that you are not developing it - and just have an anxiety disorder. 2) Everything you've described as a symptom can be easily linked to anxiety. In regards to the eyes playing tricks on you - it happens all the time to most people, and ESPECIALLY those who have anxiety and are hyper-aroused. Haven't you ever been walking down a dark street at night, and then all of a sudden gotten the feeling that something is following you and/or seen something move out of the corner of your eye? That's your brain tuning into the environment around you as a survival mechanism - often times we'll see shadows and random things that aren't there because our brains are powerful instruments that are trying to protect us. So basically, if you're extremely stressed and the anxious fight/flight mechanism is being activated AND your fixated on worrying that you're going to see/hear things - eventually your mind will start to trick you into thinking you actually are through slight manifestations like this. But the good news is that it's really just the anxious fixation and stress causing this. You aren't schizophrenic or crazy. You definitely have anxiety though - as anxiety also causes loud and intrusive thoughts. So my advice is to see about getting started on therapy/exercise/or mindfulness training or some other treatment plan because it will help you feel better. But in the meantime please trust me when I say you can rest easy about the schizophrenia thing. You don't have it.

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    Do you have hallucinations? Schizophrenia involves hallucinations 

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    We're in no position to diagnose your problem. I should mention that being in a fearful state as you are generates fearful thoughts. For example you're worried about your diagnosis. 

    I have information about anxiety in my answers. Treatments range from simple stress management to therapy and medication. Don't overlook stress management, which can help even with very bad anxiety. There’s stress and anxiety advice in my recent answers and you're welcome to click on my name and read.

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    Schizophrenic people aren't worried about being schizophrenic.

    Bingo bango, treat your anxiety disorder. 

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